Last Updated: 09 May 2017

........A friendship with the Dutch care institutions started in 1992 is very important for Utena Social Care Home as the foundation ‘Help Utenos Pensionatas’ was established on the basis of it. The greatest gift of the foundation is a very original, modern St Vincent de Paul Chapel established in 1997. By the efforts of the foundation, the care home regularly receives compensatory equipment, the intensive care unit is equipped with functional beds, other furniture.  Next to the material support, methodical support, exchange of the employees’ delegations is also very important. First of all, we can learn from our colleagues from the West the methods how to improve the employee – customer relationship, attention and fellow-feeling.  According to the Dutch experience, more chamber rallies of the residents are organized; more attention is paid to spiritual development of the people with severe disabilities.

The Fund has completed its work in 2009.


Board members of the foundation ‘Help Utenos Pensionatas’ after the government award


Celebration of the 10th anniversary of the foundation ‘Help Utenos Pensionatas’