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1,2 proc. parama
Laukiame savanorių

Utenos socialinės globos namams suteikta Jaunimo savanoriškos tarnybos (JST) akreditacija.
Informaciją apie savanoriškos veiklos reikalavimus ir naudą rasite puslapyje

Last Updated: 09 May 2017

.........Labour activities of the residents are organized seeking to support and induce their independence (even if they are with special needs), motivation to take care of themselves, i. e. to manage their daily life and keep household according to the level of their independence.

  • Hobby works:
    • knitting, crocheting;
    • embroidery;
    • sewing;
    • handicrafts.
  • Different household works.
  • Participation in exhibitions, competitions.
  • Improving the environment:
    • tree planting, pruning;
    • flower care.
  • Taking care of the graves
  • Works in laundry.
  • Works in kitchen.
  • Trips to the woods:
    • berry picking;
    • mushroom picking;
    • collection of natural materials.
  • Woodwork:
    • manufacture of blanks, decorations, gifts, souvenirs;
    • carving;
    • manufacture of small household goods.
  • Restoration of museum exhibits.

In the room of occupational therapy

The residents like culinary afternoons

We show our crafts to the public of the region

Our handicrafts like the Minister