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1,2 proc. parama
Laukiame savanorių

Utenos socialinės globos namams suteikta Jaunimo savanoriškos tarnybos (JST) akreditacija.
Informaciją apie savanoriškos veiklos reikalavimus ir naudą rasite puslapyje

Last Updated: 09 May 2017

 Adequate food and catering is guaranteed for the residents taking into account their health condition and needs. Under medical advice, rational, special and dietary nutrition is organized.

 The residents eat 4 times a day in the common dining-room. Meals for the disabled are served in dining-rooms of the divisions and in their own rooms. According to the level of independence, opportunities and expectations, conditions for the residents to cook for themselves in dining-rooms of the divisions are created.


Dinner in the room

In the dining-room